You have heard people say RICE after an injury. What does this mean?

After an injury, for example spraining your ankle, the body begins to respond to help the healing process. The response includes pain, inflammation and swelling. The body always overdoes its response to injury and these things can get out of control. Too much inflammation and swelling can hinder healing and cause pain. The RICE principle helps control the body’s response to an injury and helps to decrease the inflammation and swelling. So what is the RICE principle? Continue reading

Ice or Heat?

Should you use ice or heat after an injury? Ragnar-Do-You-Ice-or-Heat-LVH-628x290

We get this question all the time in our clinic.

Ice is typically used for an acute injury. This means an injury that has just occurred or that is very recent (within 24-48 hours). After a brand new injury, swelling and inflammation are an issue. Ice helps to decrease both of these things and helps to decrease the pain.

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Thrower’s Edge

What is the Thrower’s Edge Program?

The Thrower’s Edge Program is a therapy-based program designed to decrease the likelihood of suffering shoulder and elbow injuries while improving pitching performance. The testing and interventions are based on the latest research in sports medicine.

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